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This week is a great time to see three bright planets—Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn—in the morning sky. Join us today at 1:00 PM Liberty Science Center shrinks the largest planetarium in the Western Hemisphere to your screen for a spirited half-hour tour of the morning planets. Along the way, you’ll visit the two largest moons in the solar system, Ganymede and Titan, visit volcanoes and a canyon on Mars, and fly through the rings of Saturn. Video for this presentation was created on an Evans & Sutherland Digistar 6 system. Please join us for the "Facebook Live broadcast."


Mother's Day

Time: 8 AM
Location: Bring mom flowers

Mission Statement

Jotham W. Wakeman School Mission Statement
It is our Mission and Mandate to adhere to our Core Beliefs:  Our main purpose is to improve student achievement.  Effective instruction is our key to improving student achievement.  Effective instruction is delivered all day, every day.  Always have high expectations for ourselves and our students.

About Us

  • 70% of students meet or exceed expectations of NJSLA
  • Chess lessons during the school day from a chess master
  • Outperformed the state in ELA and Math on NJSLA on all grade levels